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Harcourts North America Shines at Harcourts International Awards Ceremony in Gold Coast, Australia

Harcourts North America
June 24, 2024
Gold Coast, Australia - Harcourts North America recently made a significant mark at the Harcourts International Awards Ceremony held in the Gold Coast of Australia. Recognized as the 6th largest real estate company in the world, Harcourts showcased its elite talent and achievements from its global offices, celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of its agents and offices worldwide.

With over 12,000 team members globally and an impressive $57 billion worth of property sold last year, Harcourts continues to demonstrate its prowess in the real estate industry. The recent awards ceremony was a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Among the highlights of the event, Harcourts North America had a stellar presence with three of its offices earning a coveted spot in the Top 20 Offices awards. Harcourts Real Estate Network Group secured the 17th position, Harcourts Prime Properties Monarch Beach took the 12th spot, and Harcourts The Garner Group proudly claimed the 10th position, making it to the Top 10.

"We are immensely proud of our offices' achievements and their dedication to delivering exceptional service and results," said Josh Procopis, COO of Harcourts North America. "Seeing three of our offices recognized among the top 20 worldwide is a significant milestone. The entire awards ceremony, expertly called by our CEO Ben Brady, was a celebration of our hard work and dedication. Our North American team’s participation and success exemplify our unwavering commitment to excellence."

In addition to the awards, Harcourts North America had the honor of featuring Brenna Van Hoogenstyn as a speaker during the Harcourts International conference held before the awards ceremony. Brenna delivered an inspiring session titled "High Performing Habits," highlighting the strategies and practices that drive success within the real estate industry.

The event was not only about the awards but also provided an enriching experience for the attendees. Several Harcourts North America business owners and agents traveled to Australia, showcasing their support and dedication. The week-long trip included tours of Brisbane, visits to various Harcourts offices, exploration of Brisbane’s renowned destinations, and memorable interactions with kangaroos and koalas.


"The trip to Australia was a fantastic experience, both professionally and personally. It was a great opportunity to connect with our international colleagues, share best practices, and celebrate our collective successes. The warmth and hospitality we experienced in Australia were remarkable, and we returned with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration," added Procopis.

The Harcourts International Awards Ceremony continues to be a pivotal event, highlighting the company’s global impact and the outstanding contributions of its team members. Harcourts North America’s remarkable achievements at the ceremony underscore the company's position as a leader in the real estate industry.

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