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Harcourts North America
June 12, 2023

Canyon Lake, California - Harcourts North America proudly announces the grand opening of its newest office, Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake. Led by esteemed business owner Dawna Thibodeau, Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake is set to revolutionize the local real estate market by offering a distinct approach backed by unwavering values and a commitment to exceptional service.


Dawna Thibodeau's introduction to the Harcourts franchise opportunity in 2014 left a lasting impression. She was deeply moved by the personal story of the owners of Harcourts International, Mike and Irene Green, who had demonstrated their unwavering commitment to supporting and caring for others during a challenging time. This powerful display of living their values resonated deeply with Dawna and sparked her interest in the Harcourts opportunity. As she delved further into the organization, she discovered that every member of the Harcourts group exemplified a similar dedication to their core beliefs.


The core values of Harcourts - People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous, and having Fun and Laughter - aligned seamlessly with Dawna's own business philosophy, which she has upheld since the inception of her real estate career in 1985. These shared values became the foundation for Dawna's decision to embrace the Harcourts franchise and bring its unique approach to the real estate market.


In 2015, Dawna courageously opened the first Harcourts franchise office in Los Angeles County. Despite being an unfamiliar brand in the area, Harcourts Prime Properties quickly gained recognition for its innovative marketing methods, including the Australian auction method. Clients and agents alike were drawn to the transparency and superior results that this approach provided. Building on this success, Dawna now turns her focus to the Canyon Lake market, where she has resided for the past three years.


With an in-depth understanding of the local market, Dawna recognizes the need for a fresh alternative in marketing homes in Canyon Lake. By establishing Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake, she aims to offer sellers a compelling choice and empower them with a more transparent and effective method of marketing their properties. Dawna's love for the community and her commitment to providing a point of difference make Canyon Lake the ideal location for her second office.


At this stage of her career, Dawna is passionate about sharing her wealth of experience with both her clients and the agents she mentors. By leveraging her expertise, she seeks to guide clients away from costly mistakes and assist fellow agents on their own professional journeys. With Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake, Dawna is excited to offer her neighbors and local agents a truly distinctive real estate experience.


Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake represents the culmination of Dawna Thibodeau's unwavering dedication to her clients and her commitment to upholding Harcourts' values. As a part of the Harcourts North America network, the office is primed to deliver exceptional service, transparent practices, and remarkable results to the Canyon Lake community.


For more information about Harcourts Prime Properties Canyon Lake and its range of services, please visit their website at


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