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Harcourts North America
August 28, 2023

Newport Beach, California - Harcourts North America, a leading name in the real estate industry, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated opening of Harcourts Blue Water, a dynamic new office located in the picturesque coastal city of Newport Beach. This expansion represents a significant milestone for Harcourts North America as it continues to revolutionize the real estate landscape with its client-centric approach and commitment to innovation. Harcourts Blue Water is the latest addition to the Harcourts family and is owned by esteemed business partners Kathy Clark and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn.


When asked about their decision to choose Harcourts as their franchise of choice, Kathy Clark and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn emphasized the need for a fresh perspective in an industry that has remained largely unchanged for decades. "Real estate has been operating under traditional models for far too long. Harcourts truly embraces the 'Rethink Real Estate' concept, which deeply resonated with us," they explained. "Moreover, the business model of Harcourts North America aligns perfectly with our core belief in being client-centric. After diligent research and analysis, it became evident that Harcourts was the ideal partner to help us create the business model and culture we envisioned."


The appeal of Harcourts extended beyond its innovative approach to real estate auctions. Kathy Clark and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn were particularly drawn to the level of commitment, energy, involvement, and creativity demonstrated by Harcourts' leadership - C.E.O Ben Brady, and C.O.O Josh Procopis. This unique combination of qualities solidified their desire to form a partnership that would revolutionize the industry.


Harcourts Blue Water is poised to bring a new dimension to the Newport Beach community. The primary goal is to cultivate a group of high-level real estate professionals who not only achieve exceptional results for their clients but also prioritize the client experience. Kathy Clark and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn are deeply committed to providing paramount care and attention that every client deserves, redefining the real estate experience in the area.


At the core of Harcourts' values and principles lies an unwavering commitment to pushing the real estate industry forward through innovation and reinvention while firmly remaining rooted in service and human connection. "People first" is the guiding principle that encapsulates the business philosophy of Harcourts, aligning seamlessly with Kathy Clark and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn's vision for Harcourts Blue Water. Together, they aim to create an environment where clients and their needs always come first.


Looking ahead, the partnership between Harcourts Blue Water and Harcourts North America promises great benefits for both parties and their agents. The goal is to create a dynamic environment where agents have access to the tools, resources, and support necessary to elevate their businesses to new heights. In addition to exclusive access to the Harcourts Luxury Auction platform, Harcourts consistently provides cutting-edge resources that empower agents to excel in their careers.


The grand opening of Harcourts Blue Water in Newport Beach marks an exciting chapter in the real estate industry. Through their shared vision, commitment to excellence, and dedication to reimagining the real estate experience, Harcourts North America, Kathy Clark, and Brenna Van Hoogenstyn are poised to redefine the future of real estate in the Newport Beach community and beyond.


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