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Deanna D'Egidio, Harcourts Agent, Provides Insights on NAR Settlements Impacting Real Estate Commission Structure

Harcourts North America
April 26, 2024

Los Angeles, CA - Deanna D'Egidio, a distinguished agent at Harcourts, shared her expertise on the implications of the recent NAR settlements in an exclusive interview with Spectrum News 1 this morning. D'Egidio provided valuable insights into the significance of these preliminary settlements, particularly regarding the elimination of the traditional 6% realtor commission between the buyer and selling agent, and their potential effects on first-time homebuyers, real estate agents, and the anticipated timeline for these impacts to manifest.

During the interview, D'Egidio discussed the potential impact on various segments of the real estate market. She highlighted that the preliminary settlements have just been approved by the judge, indicating that an immediate impact may not be seen until September or later. While she does not foresee significant impacts on the luxury market in Los Angeles, given its robust pool of skilled professionals and seller incentives, she emphasized that first-time homebuyers may bear the brunt of these changes. With negotiations becoming more complex, particularly for transactions under $2 million with high demand and limited inventory, first-time homebuyers may experience added stress. D'Egidio underscored the importance of agents demonstrating value throughout the transaction and beyond, suggesting personalized advocacy and post-transaction assistance as strategies to thrive in this evolving landscape.

"As an agent in the luxury real estate market of Los Angeles, I don't foresee these settlements having a significant impact on the luxury segment. However, I believe first-time homebuyers will be most affected by these changes," said Deanna D'Egidio.

Ben Brady, CEO of Harcourts North America, commended D'Egidio's insights, stating, "Deanna D'Egidio's expertise and dedication to providing valuable insights into the real estate industry exemplify the commitment to excellence that defines Harcourts. We are proud to have her as part of our team."

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